Our company

CIAL Canarias S.L.U. (CIAL Ingenieros) was established in the year 2004 in order to offer its customers the realization of civil and industrial engineering projects, and provide solutions for water treatment and renewable energy.

The company's mission is to work for the achievement of the objectives of our clients through the development of projects and providing solutions that best suit their needs, offering experience and innovation, with the support of experts working for the client and by, contributing in this way to improve the quality, get a greater benefit and return on investment.

The company offers consultancy services specializing in the management of engineering projects during their elaboration, tendering or execution.

Our goal is to become a leading company in the engineering sector, consolidating the image of innovative company and committed to each project.

We have a young and experienced staff qualified for the development of all kinds of work, which has based its success on communication and the confidence of its customers, using the technology as a key element for their development.

CIAL Ingenieros staff consists of engineers of different specialties. We have experts with over 30 years of experience who daily contribute their expertise to each project.

We are strongly committed to continuous innovation. Nowadays we are in a market that is in continuous movement, reason why turns out vitally important to adapt to this change modernizing the different forms of work, using technology to achieve business goals.

For all of this, our company focuses on technology and innovation in all its activities as an important part in their planning and implementation.