We are specialized in the design and development of energy projects of various kinds. Our team comprises highly qualified professionals able to provide our customers with advanced energy engineering solutions meeting our standards of efficiency, quality and commitment with the environment.

We answer to any need that may arise during the phases of consultancy, planning and development, construction and commissioning of all kinds of facilities.

We cover the following areas of the sector of energy:

  • Generation:
    • Diesel engines
    • Gas turbines
    • CCGT
    • Coal plants
    • Renewable energies
  • Transport and distribution:
    • Study of the capacity and stability of the high voltage network
    • Analysis and adequacy of protection systems in substations and lines
    • Design and execution of lines of high and medium voltage
    • Design and execution of substations

  • Energy efficiency improvement
    • In thermal power plants
    • Refineries
    • Industrial plants
    • Comercial buildings
  • Energy efficiency certification:
    • Existing and new construction buildings
    • Housing, business premises and offices

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