Consulting services and areas of activity

It has been done a large number of works from other areas, which include the realization of projects of different sectors such as ports, coasts, and roads; services of construction supervision, technical assistance to the management of work, coordination of safety and health, environmental, industrial and energy engineering, calculation of structures, electrical installations, expert opinions, among others, covering all the needs required in the development of a project.

We are specialized in the hydraulic sector, in the design and planning of works of wastewater, desalination and drinking water treatment plants, sewerage and water supply networks, submarine outfalls, having done a large number of works in these areas.

The areas of activity are:

  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial engineering and energy
  • Environment:
    • Planning
    • Consulting
    • Environmental engineering


CIAL covers all the services needed in the fields of action of the areas of activity:

  • Studies and technical, economic and statistical reports.
  • Projects at all stages.
  • Management and supervision of work.
  • Integral construction management.
  • Management of operation and maintenance.
  • Environmental management.
  • Environmental reports.
  • Procedures at Administration Offices and Put into service


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