Comprehensive solutions

The range of available options allows us to meet any kind of need, providing treatment systems well dimensioned, and adapted to each situation, or specific systems for a specific phase of the line of treatment.

Available solutions will vary depending on the type of water to be treated and the characteristics of the water to produce, and can be categorized generally as:

  • Facilities for Seawater Desalination (SWRO) or Brackish Water.
  • Facilities for Drinking-Water Treatment (DWTP).
  • Facilities for Wastewater Treatment (WWTP) or contaminated.

The possibilities are very wide and include, among others, the following facilities and systems:

In case of a partial solution:

  • Intake and pumping of raw water to be treated (from rivers, wells, etc.).
  • Filtration (sand filters, cartridge filters, ultrafiltration, etc.).
  • Physical-chemical, sedimentation, grit removal, fat and grease removal, etc.).
  • Remineralización (usually with beds of calcite or lime).
  • Infrastructure for the distribution of treated water (storage tanks, pumping stations, etc.).

In case of a complete solution:

  • Systems for sea water treatment or brackish water treatment (RO, RBS).
  • Systems for drinking water treatment.
  • Systems for wastewater treatment (conventional activated sludge systems, MBR, MBBR, Biodisk, etc.).

The correct definition of the characteristics of raw water (water entering the plant), the treatment goal (destination of the water to be treated) and the determination of the parameters required for the product water (established quality standards) are the fundamental principles to adopt an economical solution durable and useful over time.

The exchange of information with customers is essential to know, with as much detail as possible, the input data that will allow us to perform an optimal dimensioning of the installation.

Depending on the specific conditions demanded by the customer the solution may be modular or require a complete work. Modular solutions are compact, occupy small area, and the period of supply, installation and commissioning is lower than the complete works.

Compact plants are easily transportable in containers, do not require virtually civil work, and in a few days treated water is available with full warranty.

Should you have an area with adequate space to house the plant (SWRO, ETAP or STP), the equipment can be installed without the use of containers.

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